Friday, December 24, 2010

Malaysia Cat Club


The Malaysia Cat Club or Kelab Kucing Malaysia was formed and registered on November 17, 1971 by a few cat fanciers, and was formerly known as "The Malaysian Pedigree Cat Fancy". The founder and first President was Mr. KM Stanley KMN. Most of the early members consist of expatriates, members of the royal families and pedigree cat owners, as members of the masses are unfamiliar with what the cat fancy is all about.
As more and more awareness was created on this subject, the objectives of the Club changes, and more emphasis was made on the welfare of the cats as a whole. As a result, the name of the Club was subsequently changed to the Malaysia Cat Club or Kelab Kucing Malaysia, which was more suitable and more open to those who love and care about cats.


Recognizing the need for international exposure and keeping in touch with the developments in the cat fancy, MCC or KKM began its quest for international recognition in 1983. After a thorough scrutiny of MCC's or KKM's Constitution, objectives, registration records and policies, finally in 1985, the Club was accepted to be a full member of the Federation of Internationale Feline or FIFe. Currently, MCC or KKM is the only Club in Asia affiliated to the International Federation because of the Club's commitment to be at par with any other international cat fancy associations. The trust from the federation was extended further when MCC or KKM was given the honor of organizing the FIFe General Assembly and International Judge's Conference, which was successfully conducted in May 1996 in Kucing, Sarawak with the co-operation of the Ministry Of Information and the Sarawak State Government. After 29 years of experience, KKM has grown to over 2000 in membership and with more than 2300 cats registered at the end of 1999, achieving a constant average growth of about 20% over the last 5 years. The experience and guidance from FIFe has benefited members in gaining knowledge on their beloved pets - CATS.


Besides having the normal International and National Championship cat shows, the club also have some side events for the public to participate so that everyone will enjoy their day with family and friends as they would on a 'Family Day'.
While the judging and exhibiting of cats is going on, the whole atmosphere is bustling with activities as in a carnival. These side events are organized to create interest in cats. It is really fun whenever we have the Cat Show. Members and the public will have fun together when participating in the above contests.  

The Characteristics of Kucing Malaysia or Malaysia Cat


The ideal Kucing Malaysia or Malaysia Cat is a medium sized cat with medium boned muscular body. The main feature will be the egg shaped head and together with the openness of the eyes, should give the characteristic alert appearance of the breed.


Wide and rounded at the top with a good height and soft round lines. Full cheeks, medium long nose with medium strong chin. Profile showing a gentle convex curve giving an oval impression.


Medium sized, almond in shape with a good width set; giving an open alert expression. Color should be blue or blue green with bleu preferred.


Short and close lying, silky with nearly no undercoat.


Medium in size, slightly rounded tips with good width between. Flaring out a little and with a slight tilt forward.


Medium in length and broad chest, with good depth and strong muscle tone. High legs, medium to slender in size (more slender for females) with slightly oval paws.


Medium thick with a rounded tip, of medium length and up to the shoulder blades. Tail should be full colored.


All colors recognized in the Pointed patterns with white. A white blaze in the face and muzzle is desirable.


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